Roadmap & known bugs

So now a week after launch I wanted to share what we have going on with Galaxy Feud.

We are getting great response from gamers and media and now we are working to optimize and improve!


  • More videos! Videos are fun, so lets add more of them
  • Ship effects – When your ship is shielded or stunned you will be able to see it on the ship selection rotator
  • Localization. This is a major one. We are localizing Galaxy Feud into the following languages, in no specific order
    • Danish
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Portuguese (including Brazilian)
    • Latin American Spanish
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Vietnamese
  • Tons of acchievements
  • Adding battle map backgrounds
  • Improved matching system
  • Detailed statistics
  • Tournaments
  • Turbo games
  • Add friend from victory/defeat screen
  • XP will be shown in percentages instead of amounts. The XP value will still be used for leaderboards
  • iPad specific version
  • Android?

Known bugs:

  • Crashes on some iPads during loading screen
  • Games disappearing randomly from lobby
  • Mines getting stuck on top of already hit quadrants
  • Ship information button on place fleet screen doesn’t work
  • Ships being stuck if they are already hit
  • Music doesn’t resume when you exit/enter app
  • Price of game is not shown until you buy (its $2.99 by the way in the US)
  • Occasional delayed notifications
  • GF silences other apps making it impossible to listen to other apps at the same time
  • Displace skills can position ships on top of dead ships
  • Duplicate games in lobby when entering from notification
  • Repair & Cooldown can be exploited which makes it amazing
  • Very rarely ships can be misaligned on grid
  • Tutorial lady sometimes doesn’t show up after first match
  • Inviting friends is clunky
  • Facebook button on wiki page only opens Facebook, nothing else
  • Some skills descriptions don’t scroll in info bar….ever
  • Text is misaligned throughout the app. Just being vain
  • Sometimes the video zoom effect doesn’t happen
  • Chat notification is delayed
  • Videos can play on top of chat
  • Chat is not specific to opponents and you could end up chatting with someone from a different game
  • If you forfeit a game you cant click the new game button until you leave lobby
  • It’s not random who goes first
  • Not possible to play without internet
  • $ will be changed to Cr to avoid confusion. Nope a skill does not cost thousands of dollars to buy 🙂
  • XP will be shown in percentages
  • Rematch button on victory/defeat screen doesnt work
  • Major exploit related to money and XP, I wont say what it is!

If you run into other stuff please let us know 🙂


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