Update releasing in a few days time!

Yet another update for Galaxy Feud is about to go live. It should be landing on your iPhone’s Wednesday the 1st of April. (and its not an Aprils fools).

The fixes include:

– Better and less intrusive ads. The current ad provider sucks and we are sorry!
– Music not resuming when exiting map and simply muting at random times (my personal favorite, this was driving me nuts)
– In game sound not taking over if you are already using another app with sound (spotify etc.)
– Displace skill issue which kept your ships previous hits visibly after moving it
– Bug which made it possible to place ship on top of previously destroyed ships
– Various tutorial issues
– Video zoom effects occasionally not working
– Videos playing on top of menus
– Rematch now possible from victory screen!!
– Ship order fixed. Now the ships in the rotator is ordered from small to large
– Major bug causing players to reset all their progress for no reason
– Ability to play without internet and update progress when going online
– Now the tutorial can be played against human players as well as AI
– Ships being misaligned on grid (very rare)
– Repair and Cooldown exploit bug which made it possible to use over and over again

Quite the list. Now we are working hard on localizations and bringing Galaxy Feud in your native language across the world!!

Happy Friday

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